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Municipalities often use chlorine to disinfect municipal water supplies, leaving it safe to drink but with a strong smell and taste.
Many factors can impact the strength of the chlorine smell — such as the distance between the public water source and your home, the temperature of the water and how long it’s been exposed to air. Not only are the resulting tastes and smells unappealing, but chlorine can also dry out your skin and hair.
Common chlorine water problems include:
  • A bleach-like or swimming pool smell
  • A bitter, metallic or disinfectant-like taste
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Brittle, damaged hair
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Chlorine water solutions
Chlorine water may be safe to drink, but Culligan offers custom solutions to remove the strong smell and taste. Water treatment solutions for chlorine include:
Whole Home Water Filters
RO Drinking Water Systems
Bottled Water & Coolers
Bottleless Coolers

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